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206 - A Shitton of White Wine

There’s this crazy up story about his time at Penn State that illustrates some shit about Old Bull Lee: he was having a pretty chill house party and playing beer pong one afternoon before a game when suddenly he took a shot and the ball missed the cup by like a mile and everybody made fun of him, laughing. Old Bull got pissed fuck and was like, “This table is bullshit!” and punched a hole straight through the table. In his minifridge was a shitton of white wine. His friends were like, “Why do you have that stupid shit in your fridge?” and Bull was like, “I like that shit cause you can drink a ton real fast.”

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    On the Bro’d: Every sentence of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, retold for bros.
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    In my defense, I haven’t drank Chablis since.
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    In our defense, it was in a brown paper bag.
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    Substitute UMBC for...chablis for any ol’...tale as old as...
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